New York Theatre Ballet Moves Its Relevés Downtown

New York Theatre Ballet Moves Its Relevés Downtown

By Marina Harss, The New York Times
Friday February 13, 2015

"At a recent informal performance hosted by New York Theatre Ballet at St. Mark's Church, 40 or so people crammed into a studio on the second floor.  Children sat cross-legged.  Two company members danced an Agnes de Mille pas de deux.  The production manager, also a puppeteer, did a melancholy number with a a wooden board as a prop.

A 10-year-old girl from the school performed a dance she had choreographed, based on a haiku she had composed.

'Studio paintings,' she recited, 'show my dreams, capture my life. In the bright dance blaze.'  The feeling was convivial, like a show held in someone's living room.  It was hard to believe that this gathering might never have taken place."

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