The Scoop on New York Theatre Ballet

The Scoop on New York Theatre Ballet

By Jill Feigelman, New York Family
Tuesday January 1, 2013

New York Family's Jill Feigelman visits our studio and discusses NYTB, teaching, our LIFT program, and the love of dance with Diana Byer.

Diana Byer: How I Teach Cecchetti

Diana Byer: How I Teach Cecchetti

By Jenny Dalzell, Dance Teacher
Friday June 1, 2012

... artistic director Diana Byer uses the Cecchetti syllabus to train her dancers. Though it’s one of the oldest existing systems of ballet pedagogy, she stresses that it is not an antiquated method as teachers continue to breathe life into the training. It’s an ideal syllabus for students who also study modern and jazz dance and perform a wide range of choreography. Its unadorned qualities train students to move strongly and purely, without stylistic idiosyncrasies.

Outfitting <i>The Nutcracker</i>

Outfitting The Nutcracker

By Alexandra Cheney, The Wall Street Journal
Tuesday November 15, 2011

Twenty six years after she designed the costumes for choreographer Keith Michael's production of "The Nutcracker," Slyvia Nolan still has sugar plum fairies dancing in her head.  Although she spends most of her year as the resident costume designer for the Metropolitan Opera, a position she's held since 1997, this year Ms. Nolan is reuniting with Mr. Michael and the New York Theatre Ballet to help create a fresh "Nutcracker," with new costumes, sets and dances. Details

One Apartment, Two Very Different 'Nutcrackers' by James Barron, November 2011

One Apartment, Two Very Different 'Nutcrackers' by James Barron, November 2011

By James Barron, The New York Times
Monday November 14, 2011

"It's the grueling time," Mr. Michael explained. "It's Nutcracker' season."  He and Mr. Parker are choreographers working on two distinctly different versions of "The Nutcracker," the ballet that, for audiences, is a hardy holiday perennial, with Drosselmeyer, toys that come to life and even fighting mice. Details


NYTB Dancers talk Black Swan

By Sarah Maslin Nir, The New York Times
Friday January 7, 2011

CARMELLA IMRIE spent six grueling hours last Wednesday mastering steps like the brisé and jeté battu for Keith Michael’s ballet “The Alice-in-Wonderland Follies.” ...she and five other dancers with the New York Theater Ballet headed out to see “Black Swan.” Details