Group Sales

Come as part of a group of 10 or more! Plan your community group’s outing or child’s birthday party. Organize a thank-you event for your company’s employees and their families.

Email to reserve your block of tickets. Once Upon a Ballet groups enjoy a 10% discount off the total ticket price. 

See What People Are Saying!


“My daughter loved NYTB’s productions so much, I organized a class trip – what a hit! Every seat seemed to have a good view – even for the little ones. I was most struck by how quiet the children were -because they were so captivated. What a GREAT outing for families, friends, and schools.” - Lisa, parent

Please Note:

There is a $5 handling fee on the total of all group orders. There are no refunds. All sales are final. Should you choose to add additional seats after your order is processed, it is not guaranteed the seats will be near the original group.
NYTB will not hold un-paid, reserved seats for groups longer than two weeks.