The Cecchetti Syllabus

Enrico Cecchetti was perhaps the greatest teacher in ballet history. The Cecchetti method is a strict training system with special attention paid to anatomy within the ballet’s technical vocabulary.  The method develops the important characteristics of dance in its students through a rigorous training schedule.  Students learn dance by studying and internalizing the basic principles, in an effort to become self-reliant rather than imitating.

His pupils included: Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky, Tamara Karsavina, Dame Nanette de Valois, Dame Marie Rambert, Mikhail Fokine, Leonide Massine, Dame Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin, Serge Lifar, Alexandra Danilova, Margaret Craske, and Olga Preobrajenska.

The Cecchetti training system is a disciplined syllabus of ballet instruction designed with careful attention to the rules of anatomy,

Dancers attain the following:

  • Working knowledge of the essential qualities of a first-class dancer
  • An understanding of bodyline
  • Balance and poise
  • Strength and elasticity of the muscles
  • Indispensable ability to adapt to all styles of choreography
  • Ability to absorb the basic principles which govern the art rather than the imitation of a specific style