Leotard Styles by class:

Pre-Ballet I
Ardesia light pink colored leotard with skirt by Wear Moi
Pre-Ballet II
Ardesia rose colored leotard with skirt by Wear Moi

All Pre-Ballet girls are to wear white anklet socks and pink, full sole ballet slippers secured with one elastic strap.  Long hair is to be worn in a small, flat bun.

Ballet I
Violet leotard by Capezio
Ballet II
Red leotard by Capezio 
Ballet III
Purple leotard by Capezio

Ballet IV
Royal blue leotard by Capezio
Wearmoi, Style Galate, Navy

Leotards may be short sleeved or camisole. All girls are required to wear ballet pink, mesh, convertible tights with back seam, by Body Wrappers, style #C45.  Pink ballet slippers should be secured with one elastic strap. Pointe shoes are to be secured with pink ribbons and one half inch elastic strap or a wide mesh elastic strap if needed.  


Pre-Ballet / Ballet I / Ballet II/Ballet III: Boys B400 Body Wrapper short sleeve white shirt and Body Wrapper black bike shorts

Ballet IV / YAD: Body Wrapper B92 boys grey tights and Boys B400 Body wrapper Short sleeve white shirt

All boys are to wear white socks and white ballet slippers secured with one elastic strap.

All ballet slippers for boys and girls should be full soled.


OnStage Dancewear, located at 197 Madison Avenue (between 34th & 35th Street) offers a 10% discount to all School of NYTB students. 212-725-1174.


Hair kits with bobby pins, hair pins, hair net and elastic band are on sale in the school office for $2.