NYTB on tour / North Carolina

NYTB on tour / North Carolina

Tarboro, NC

New York Theatre Ballet will make its seventh consecutive appearance in the Edgecombe Performance Series. Sponsored by the Furman Mathewson Trust of Edgecombe County Memorial Library.

The evening will include:
• Richard Alston's The Seasons, one of the Best Dance Picks of 2018 by The New York Times. A serene and limpid meditation on the cycle of a year in Nature, the music has an extraordinary clarity with images of Quiescence (Winter), Creation (Spring), Preservation (Summer) and, intriguingly, Destruction (Fall), which all come from Indian philosophical thought;

• Matthew Nash’s 1981 take on The Elements of Style, from Strunk and White’s classic guide to writing. The cast includes Broadway veteran and Tarboro's own Dirk Lumbard;

• Merce Cunningham’s Scramble (1967) the first piece whose designer, Frank Stella, was selected by Jasper Johns after his appointment as artistic advisor of the Cunningham Co. It consists of eighteen sections whose order could be changed, or omitted. The music by Toshi Ichiyanagi (Activities for Orchestra) is scored for western instruments. NYTB’s Scramble is part of the Merce Cunningham Centennial Celebration.

Keihin Auditorium
Edgecombe Community College
2009 W. Wilson St.
Tarboro, NC 27886

Photo by Richard Termine


March 21: 7:30pm

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Admission is free, but reserved seating tickets are required.

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