APAP 2017

APAP 2017

NYTB Showcases at City Center Studios

Great things come in small packages. The celebrated chamber company, New York Theatre Ballet, is small in numbers but packs an artistic punch. Whether you choose 20th Century classics, child friendly storybook ballets, or NYTB’s newest works by exciting contemporary choreographers, this ensemble, all artists of soloist caliber, is sure to create a thrilling evening of theater and dance.  

NYTB will present two showcases in the 2017 APAP Conference. The first showcase is on Friday, January 6th, from 4:00-4:30pm in City Center Studio 5, followed by a second showcase on Sunday, January 8th, from 9:30-10:00pm in City Center Studio 4. No reservations are required.

City Center Studios
130 West 56th Street

For presenters attending the conference wishing to know more about booking NYTB, visit The Brad Simon Organization at Booth #1101, Americas Hall I.

Photos by Rachel Neville and Richard Termine.


January 6: 4pm
January 8: 9:30pm


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