2013-2014 BSNY School Auditions

2013-2014 BSNY School Auditions

4:00-4:30pm ages 6-7  REGISTER HERE

4:30-5:00pm ages 8-10 Register here

5:00-5:30pm ages 11 & up register here

Please arrive 15 minutes before the audition so your child can dress, use the restroom, and become situated. Latecomers will not be permitted to enter the audition.

Children will be assessed on an individual basis during a group audition, and Ms. Byer will determine if the school is a good fit based on age and ability. The audition is a half hour and is closed to parent observation. 
Location: 30 East 31st Street, 5th Floor, between Park Avenue South and Madison Avenue.
Dress Code: Girls are to wear a leotard of any color, pink tights, and ballet slippers or anklet socks. No skirts, puffy sleeves, glitter, or embellishments are permitted, and earrings and nail polish are not to be worn. Hair should be in a bun, pulled away from the face. Boys are to wear a tee shirt, shorts, white socks, and ballet slippers.
We look forward to welcoming you!


June 11: 4pm

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