1.    When does the school year begin?

Classes begin the week of September 16, 2013 and end on June 13, 2014.

2.    When is the school recital?

The 18th Annual Student Recital will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

3.    When is the school closed?

The school is closed for the following days:

  • October 14, 2013 | Columbus Day
  • November 11 | Veteran’s Day
  • November 28 | Thanksgiving 
  • December 23-January 6, 2014 | Winter Break
  • January 20 | Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • February 17 | President’s Day 
  • April 14-April 22 | Spring Break
  • May 26 | Memorial Day


4.    When is Parent Observation Week?

Pre-Ballet – through Ballet II – TBA
Pre-Ballet I, II & III only – TBA

5.    What is the dress code for my child?

All leotard styles are Capezio unless otherwise noted. Children will not be permitted into class with other style and color leotards. Please order at least three weeks in advance.

Pre-Ballet I & II: pink, #CC400C
Pre-Ballet III: lavender, #CC400C
Ballet I: burgundy, #CC101C (child), #CC101 (adult)
Ballet II: royal blue, #CC101C (child), #CC101 (adult)
Ballet III: navy blue, #CC101C (child), #CC101 (adult)

All girls are required to wear pink tights and full sole pink ballet slippers, no split sole slippers. Each slipper should be secured by an elastic strap. Long hair is to be worn in a small bun. Pony tails are not permitted in any class. Short hair must be covered with a hair net. Girls in Ballet I, II & III classes are to wear pink alignment belts Bodywrappers #BT1.

No embellishments.

Pre-Ballet, Ballet I & II: white leotard, Baltogs #0SL132C, black shorts, Baltogs #315
Ballet III: white leotard, Baltogs #0SL132C, heather grey tights, Baltogs #1308F

OnStage Dancewear, located at 197 Madison Avenue (between 34th & 35th Street) offers a 10% discount to all BSNY students. 212-725-1174.

Hair kits with bobby pins, hair pins, hair net and elastic band are on sale in the school office for $2. Headbands may be purchased for $3.

6.    Do I write my child’s name on their leotard?

All children in Pre-Ballet I, II & III are required to have their name written in large, block, black letters on the front of their leotard. They are also required to wear white headbands. No embellishments, hearts, flowers, etc. Girl’s in Ballet I, II & III classes are to wear pink alignment belts Bodywrappers #BT1.

7.    If my child is sick, should I call the school office?

Please call 212-679-0401 or email to report a child’s absence from class.

8.    Where do I put my stroller? Where do I wait for my child? Can I use my cell phone?

Strollers aren’t allowed on the 5th floor, but they can be stored to the left of the elevator on the 1st floor. You may wait for your child in the 5th floor lobby. Cell phone usage is permitted on the 5th floor lobby only. Please be considerate by keeping calls short and voices down. You may not wait for your child on the 1st floor lobby or any other floor in the building.

9.    Where does my child change his/her clothes?

Under no circumstances are children to be changed in any area other than the 5th floor dressing rooms. Please arrive with ample time for your child to change into dance clothes. Undressing your child in the lobby, hallways, stairs, elevator, and other areas of the building is not permitted and this rule will be strictly enforced.

10.     Are parents allowed in the dressing rooms?

The parents/guardians of Pre-Ballet I & II are allowed to bring their child to the dressing room to change. There are teaching assistants there to help with hair and other needs. Fathers may not go into the women’s dressing room. They may wait until the boys are finished dressing and then go in to help their daughter change. Girls may not go into the boy’s dressing room while the boys are in their dressing room. No exceptions.

11.    Can my child wear nail polish to class?

Nail polish, tattoos and other embellishments are not allowed in any classes at BSNY. Small stud earrings can be worn. Necklaces, bracelets, watches or other pieces of jewelry are not permitted.

12.    What are the general policies of the school?

Every student, regardless of how many years he or she has been enrolled in the school, will receive a letter and school policy flyer. Please read the information with your child, then sign and return the form to the school office. We’d appreciate your cooperation in keeping the school running smoothly.

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the dressing rooms, studio or lobby area.
  • The use of electronic games in the dressing room and lobby is prohibited.
  • Children will not be permitted in the classroom if more than 5 minutes late.
  • Cell phone usage is permitted in the 5th floor lobby only.  Please be considerate by keeping calls short and voices down.

13.    Recital Information:

Parents will be informed of the 18th Annual Recital logistics in May 2014. Please note that all students must participate in all rehearsals. An excessive amount of  absences might affect your child’s ability to perform. Exceptions will not be made for those who miss the final class rehearsal or dress rehearsal at The Miller Theatre. They will not be permitted to perform if they do not attend these rehearsals.